Abram Believed the Lord – Genesis 15:6

Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.

Genesis 15:6 NIV

Abram (later renamed to Abraham) believed the Lord (Yahweh). This is actually quite an amazing statement. Abraham, at God’s direction, had left his family and familiar surroundings behind, and moved out into the sticks. He was in his 80’s and childless, with a wife who was barren. And God told him he would have countless offspring, as well as possession of the land he was living in.

Abram was from Ur, and later Haran, two cities whose principal deity was the moon god. And there were as many other gods as one could ever hope for. But Yahweh was unknown. There were no temples for him, no books, no priests. Nothing! But somehow God told Abraham to pack up and move. And Abraham did. I have a hard time picturing myself responding in the same way if I had been in his shoes.

But Abraham believed what God had promised him. And that belief was reflected in his life. So, because of that faith, God considered him as righteous. And Abraham became the ‘father’ of all of those who would follow his example of faith (Rom. 4:11). It is much easier to believe in God’s promises today. We have the Bible, other believers, and a history that demonstrates God’s faithfulness. But still, we need to believe; a belief that is reflected in our actions. And to all who believe, God will credit that belief as righteousness.

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Joey Wenzler
Joey Wenzler
2 years ago

Everyone loves the story of the impossible happening. Even Hollywood explores this theme into the power of “the human spirit”. Though there is power in our actions to accomplish that which others say “can’t be done”, the Word is clear on the power of simple steps of obedience. In this example, all Abram had was a miracle. He wasn’t a strapping young man with a strong libido. His better half was not fertile. It’s like he didn’t allow the bitterness of unfulfilled desires keep his heart from hardening to the point where God’s voice was impossible to hear. He had a soft heart toward the Lord in a society that didn’t share in that. That’s deep. As we look ahead in Genesis, we know of the drama that followed with him sleeping with Hagar to have a son on his and Sara’s timetable, which has wreaked havoc on this side of eternity since that relationship produced offspring. I love how the Bible shows that people who God favored also had a human side. They weren’t painted as walking Mother Theresa’s. From Adam to Noah, Moses, Abram and so on…
It gives me hope that with God, it is possible to live a life He is proud of. Despite our darkest sides, seen and unseen.

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