The Bible: A Light On My Path – Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path.

Psalm 119:105 NIV

I enjoy hiking out in the wilderness, being away from people and alone with my thoughts and my Lord. While I do most of my hiking during the daytime, there have been occasions where I have walked the trail in the dark. And even when I am in camp at night, there are times when I have to navigate around camp in the dark. And of critical importance to me in those times is my headlamp; a small flashlight strapped to my head. It illuminates the way ahead of me, allowing me to avoid tripping hazards as well as low branches and other hazards.

But for my headlamp to be any good to me I must do two things. First, I must charge the battery in it. Without a charge it will not cast any light. And secondly, I have to turn it on and aim it in the direction I want to travel.

A Light in Spiritual Darkness

We live in a world of spiritual darkness. And without a light we will stumble around in that darkness. There are many who will claim to offer you a light. But all too many of them actually lead you only deeper into the darkness. But there is a light that will reliably guide you safely along the path.

The word of God is a light that we can trust. As my headlamp can guide me along the trail at night, so God’s word will help me to navigate through the darkness of this world.

And, what is true of my headlamp is also true of the word. I have to charge it by investing time in learning what it says. It is not enough to simply have a Bible on my bookshelf. I need to read it and meditate on it daily.

And, once I have it charged, I need to turn it on and aim it. It does no good to read the Bible if I am not willing to apply it to my own life. It is only when I am obedient to it that I will find it to be a suitable guide to my life, a light shining on my path.

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