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God, a Riverbank, and a Huckleberry Bush

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God and a huckleberry bush

I enjoy backpacking out in the mountains. On a recent trip, I set up camp near a river, found a log to lean against, and watched the river flow by. Between me and the river was a small huckleberry bush with about a dozen small red huckleberries on it. Not a very significant little bush. But it was one that caused me to marvel over God’s creation.

The previous day I had climbed to the top of a tall ridge with amazing views all around. It was awe-inspiring and prompted praise for the one who had made it. And who had made it possible for me to enjoy. The creation does indeed proclaim the praises of its creator; to those with ears to listen.

God and a Huckleberry Bush

But how could a scraggly huckleberry bush, clinging to life on a riverbank, compare to the majesty of the soaring mountain peaks, arrayed in a riot of color from all the flowers? But as I looked at the small bush, it struck me that, in its own way, it was just as impressive as anything else I had seen on this trip.

This bush, with no mind and no intelligence of its own, lived and prospered. Every winter, it drops its leaves and goes dormant. But when the warmth of spring returns, this bush returns to life, growing new branches and leaves. And, if that was not enough, it produces berries. Berries that are eaten by other creatures, including me, as well as the means for producing new bushes.

As I looked at those few small berries hanging on that bush, I marveled that they contained within themselves all they needed to become bushes themselves. I know that science can provide a description of how they do this. But I marvel nonetheless at the creativeness of the one who gave them that ability. God truly is great, and his creation glorious. When I see what God has done with a lowly huckleberry bush, I am amazed. From the biggest mountain to the smallest bush. They all declare the praises of God.

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