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How to Train for a Marathon

I am preparing to run a half marathon next weekend, my ninth in the past 4 years along with 2 full marathons. I guess that makes me somewhat of an expert on the topic so I though I would share some of my vast knowledge with those who might be looking to follow in my footsteps, becoming part of a growing movement of people of all ages, sizes and shapes who lace on a pair of shoes and stagger around a 13.1 or 26.2 mile course, just so they can eat a Cinnabon without feelings of guilt.

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Occupy Wall Street

If you’re like me you probably have not given a whole lot of thought to this whole Occupy movement. I have known from the beginning of this movement that the 99% were protesting the 1%, the numbers referred to your economic standing, and that the movement was spreading across the country and the world. But exactly what they were trying to accomplish somehow escaped my cursory review of the news surrounding them.

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But What If I Don’t Like the President?

Some of our Presidents I have liked and thought they did a reasonable job (meaning I agreed with their positions). And others were considerably less desirable in my mind. I am really glad I live in a country where we have some choice in who fills the leadership positions at the federal, state and local level.

Building a Shed

This was the year we finally decided to put up a shed big enough to hold all of the garden and lawn tools needed to care for half an acre as well as store the lawn furniture during the winter. We had been making do with a couple of little sheds and leaving the furniture out all year, where it aged quickly. After looking at sheds for a while we decided, with his construction background, to build one from scratch instead, one that ended up being larger and nicer than initially planned.

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Cranky Old Neighbors and Fences

Like many other people I have neighbors, defined as people whose property is adjacent to my own. Since my lot includes the middle of the block I have a lot of neighbors, some that I know and some that I don’t. But in general I have gotten along with them for the most part. But that has apparently changed.

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I Miss Weekends

Retirement has led to the demise of my cherished weekends. When you don’t have a work week, there is no weekend. Every day is the nearly the same. Other than Sunday it’s hard to remember even what day it is. I can do yard work every day of the week, as well as take a long run, sleep in or do any number of other things that used to compete for my Saturdays. I miss you weekend, may you rest in peace!

Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes

How many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet? Seems like just a few years ago I would have answered that question with no more than 5 or 6. After all, how many pairs of shoes does a guy need, especially one with no fashion sense. A pair of ‘nice’ shoes for special occasions, a comfortable pair of shoes for everyday use, an old ratty pair for yard work and a pair of boots for hiking. So how come I have 30 pair?

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Profound Thoughts of a Long Distance Runner

Running gives a person lots of time to think since it is pretty challenging to watch TV or read a book while dodging cars in the early morning fog. There is not really much else to do besides think and devise solutions to the problems that plague our world today. So here, in no particular order, are the things I can remember thinking about during this mornings 2 hour run.

Origins: Where Did We All Come from?

We live in a big complex universe. Where did it come from? How did I come to be? These are questions I have frequently asked myself and I suspect I am not alone in doing so. The response you have for these questions will have a big impact on how you view the world around you and how you respond to much of what happens to you.

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