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Worship God Regardless the Circumstances

Job 1:20

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As Christians, we are called to worship our creator and redeemer. But do we worship only when circumstances are favorable? Or do we worship God regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in?

At this, Job got up and tore his robe and shaved his head. Then he fell to the ground in worship

Job 1:20 NIV

The book of Job is a drama played out in three parts. In the first part, chapters 1 and 2, we are introduced to Job. He is a righteous and faultless man who has been tremendously blessed. Everything about his life is good.

But, to prove a point, God allows Satan to take away all of Job’s possessions, and then his health. Satan contended that Job would curse God. But God expressed that Job would maintain his righteousness.

I find Job’s response in this passage to be challenging, and illuminating. Job had lost all of his possessions as well as his children. And he was grieving that loss. But I find what he did in his grief to be unexpected. Job worshiped God.

When I think of worshipping God, it is generally with a positive frame of mind. I worship his greatness in creation. And I worship him for all he has done for me. But do I worship him in my calamity?

Job’s response to calamity was to worship. In the midst of his grief, he worshipped. This is probably the true mark of an authentic worshipper. To worship God regardless of the circumstances one finds themselves in.

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8 thoughts on “Worship God Regardless the Circumstances – Job 1:20”

  1. Dear brother Ed

    Thank you for writing this back in 2020, recently (Apr 2023) I have been thinking on worship and worship is not limited to music and singing, and led me to remember Job who worship the Lord right after various horrific losses, not just material things but all his children; he tore his robe and shaved his head, then he fell to the ground in worship. What a heart of trust in his Creator! That worship, so valuable in the unseen spiritual realm.

    Anita Doo

  2. I just had to thank you for this blog post on Job and worship. You see, like Sarah and Hannah, and so many other women, I am barren. We haven’t been able to adopt or foster children because I am currently disabled. My husband is a pastor and I love him so much. He takes excellent care of me and our country flock!
    I have been down lately because of my childlessness. But I am going to follow Job’s example— grieve and worship!


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