Jacob and Leah: A Happy Ending – Genesis 49:31

There Abraham and his wife Sarah were buried, there Isaac and his wife Rebekah were buried, and there I buried Leah.

Genesis 49:32 NIV

I have always felt sorry for Leah, Rachel’s older sister and Jacob’s first wife. Jacob loved Rachel and worked seven years in order to pay the bride price set by her father. But then, on the morning after their wedding, he discovered, due to Laban’s deception, that he had actually married Leah instead. Ignore the obvious question of how Jacob could have mistaken the two sisters. Jacob was clearly displeased at being deceived, yet worked another seven years for Rachel.

But think about how Leah must have felt. Clearly she knew that the only reason Jacob married her was because her father tricked Jacob into it. She must have felt unwanted by Jacob. And her little sister probably made sure she knew who Jacob’s favorite was.

But of Jacob’s twelve sons, Leah was the mother of fully half of them, while Rachel only had two. Clearly Leah came out on top in that contest with her sister. Yet it still seems that Rachel, and her sons, were the favorites of Jacob. It is easy to feel sorry for Leah.

Yet this simple expression, uttered on Jacob’s deathbed, tells of Leah’s ultimate triumph over her sister. Rachel was buried in an unmarked tomb, alone. Jacob asked to be buried with Leah. Leah who had been faithful to him over the long years of their life. She is the one that Jacob sees himself lying beside until the resurrection at the end of time.

Do you feel unloved or unwanted. Follow Leah’s example of faithfulness. And you may find that in the end you will be both loved and wanted.

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7 thoughts on “Jacob and Leah: A Happy Ending – Genesis 49:31”

  1. I don’t think there is judgemental attitude has the above comments. But it is reflections of individual thoughts.
    I think why God did not support Rachel is that God never allowed to marry more than one wife. He created Eve for Adam. If God wanted more women for Adam he could have created more women, but one

    Same way God has chosen a bride for his beloved Son Lord Jesus.
    The second thing I have reckoned that Rachel was idol worshipper. God cannot tolerate this owfull sin. Rachel has knowledge about the true living God through Jacob yet she willfully rejected Him.

    • It was not Rachel’s fault that she was the second wife. She had no say in the matter. While I do not believe polygamy was God’s ideal for us, it is not explicitly condemned and it was practiced in the Old Testament. Idolatry was also rampant among the followers of YHWH. In general they did not seem to understand the uniqueness of YHWH, often seeing him as one god among many. Yet God used and blessed his people. Even when they fell short of what we would expect of them today.

  2. I have a heart for Leah as well. Rachel seemed very selfish also and when she gave birth to Joseph, instead of praising God with her whole heart, she IMMEDIATELY asks for another son. So ungrateful and greedy. It reminds me of how the Israelites weren’t happy with the Mana and wanted something more to eat so God sent them quail. The curse was the same for Rachel as it was for them. They both got their selfish prayers answered and paid the ultimate price for their greediness. Be grateful and in awe of the blessings you have this very moment.

    • When you judge mind that you are not doing the same!
      The bible has been written for us to reflect in our own life instead of judge how mean or ungrateful the others were!

      • We do need to be careful of our judgemental attitudes. But the narrative portions of the Bible, and their portrayal of people provide us with models of how people have lived and the consequences of their actions. There are both positive and negative lessons to be learned in that. And there is some judgement involved in that.


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