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Live Up To What You Have Attained

Philippians 3:16

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Only let us live up to what we have already attained.

Philippians 3:16 NIV

How well does your life as a believer line up with what you know? I know that in my life, practice often falls short of obedience to what I have learned. I find that reading and learning what the Scripture teaches is much easier than putting it into practice. And I believe that is what Paul is referring to here. Living up to what you have attained.

In the passage this verse comes from, Paul is encouraging us to grow into maturity, following Paul’s example. This is an ongoing process. One that even Paul, toward the end of his life, had not yet finished (Phil. 3:12). But it should be the goal that is ever before us. One that we press on towards.

We are all at different stages in this journey of faith. Some are just starting. Some have been at it for many years. We have different levels of knowledge and understanding. And hopefully, it is an ever-increasing level. But wherever you are, live up to what you have learned. My own experience has taught me that if I am not putting into practice what I know, then real learning will stall. I may increase in head knowledge. But my heart and spirit will stagnate.

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4 thoughts on “Live Up To What You Have Attained – Philippians 3:16”

  1. I found it helpful to look back in the chapter to see some of what it is that I have “already attained” – I KNOW CHRIST JESUS!!! – I have a righteousness that comes from God! – God has called me heavenwards….etc Amazing things! Keeping these benefits in mind will hopefully help me live up to them (by God’s grace and Spirit)

  2. So true I believe of myself, the last words you spoke of at the end. I may increase in head knowledge, but my heart and spirit will stagnate.

    Thanks again for another good devotional, that spoke to me.

    • Thanks for you feedback. Learning is the easy part. Putting it into practice is the harder, although much more rewarding, part.


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