Give Thanks to the Lord, for He Is Good – Psalm 118:1

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Psalm 118:1 NIV

In the United States we set aside one day a year and designate it as Thanksgiving, a time to remember the blessings of the past year. But as a believer in the the triune God, I am called to express thanksgiving to him every day. I have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful . . .

  • that God loves me and has called me to himself
  • for the hope I have in Christ
  • that he has called me into his service and gifted me for that task
  • for my wife, children and grandchildren
  • that I have a comfortable home
  • for a church where I am able to worship and serve
  • for a few close friends I can share my heart with
  • and for even more friends who brighten my day
  • for good health
  • for all the years of life he has given me
  • and for the trail and the ability to enjoy the creation

I am blessed beyond measure. Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. Praise him for all he has done for us.

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