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God is my Salvation. I Will Not Be Afraid – Isaiah 12:2

Surely God is my salvation;
I will trust and not be afraid.
The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense;
he has become my salvation.”

Isaiah 12:2 NIV

Isaiah is a book filled with gloom and doom. Israel had not been following God and living in obedience to his directives for them. They had rejected him and were worshipping and serving other gods. And, as a result, he was going to bring foreign armies against them who would destroy the nation and carry off its people. The picture Isaiah painted was pretty bleak.

But periodically through this book a ray of light shines into the darkness. And this is one of those places. A looking ahead to when God’s anger with the people had been turned away. To a time when they have been restored to his favor. This is the assurance a person can have when they know that they are loved by God.

But this should not be our expression of faith only when circumstances around us are good. Even when it seems the world is falling down around us we should be able and willing to trust God and not be afraid. To hold to him as our strength and defense. To know that he is our salvation. How much better when we can pass through the trials of life knowing that our life is in God’s hands, and trusting him in all things.

God is my salvation. I have no need to fear.


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